Our Products

We offer precision engineered die casting components, which are at par with international quality and safety standards. Available in different specifications, our standard products include the following:

Industries We Serve

Heavy Electrical Industry - We are experienced in the development and supply of intricate parts form high criticality application in the electrical industry. We understand the technical demands of the industry as a whole.
Automobile We produce precision engineered automotive components, suitable for the most demanding of automotive applications and widely used in popular car brands.

Railways We provide steel casting parts for wide application in the manufacture of railways carriages & wagons and related components.

Valve From conceptualizing and design to development and manufacturing, we have served the needs of valve manufacturers with superior products.

Machinery With our considerable foundry expertise, we have been serving the needs of machinery manufacturers with precision engineered components and parts.

Application Area

While, we specialize in auto components, the range of our products find application in diverse industries. Major categories of the user industries include the following: